Why Obsessed with Zodiacs and Equinoxes on Flat Earth?

At face value, it seems significant that those people who inhabited our far distant past quite obviously considered a detailed understanding these celestial events to be far more noteworthy and important than any other religious knowledge, science, or indeed, anything else at all!

In fact, they considered the information to be so important, that they appear to have based their entire civilizations upon it.

The question is why? Why such an extraordinary preoccupation with astronomy and the Zodiac? What for? What kind of information could they glean from such a constant and accurate scrutiny of the heavens that they deemed so important that it would account for the meticulous degree of perfection insisted on in aligning their structures? How on earth did they acquire such extraordinarily sophisticated knowledge to begin with? Who or where could they have possibly acquired such information from?

Much of it is data that would probably be extremely useful to us today and yet we have only learned a fraction of it and we are still searching through ancient myths and modern sciences trying to fully comprehend that which we have so far managed to gather.
Most people think of the zodiac as names for nice patterns in the sky or a report they read in a daily newspaper but the Zodiac is actually an incredibly complex celestial mechanism. It must be clearly understood just the ancient knowledge of its existence is astounding because even a basic understanding of the phenomenon of precession of the zodiac requires some very advanced
scientific know how to obtain. It does not happen from someone merely observing the stars, even if they were to spend their entire life doing so, and yet we ourselves obtained our knowledge of precession and the cycles of the zodiac from the ancients, not through discovering it of our own accord.

Even when the earth was still believed to be flat, man had knowledge of the zodiac and precession of the equinoxes. Precession is the result of a slow axial wobble the earth mainyains as it travelles around the sun so how could that possibly be?

This fact alone presents substantial evidence that our history may not be really what it seems. And if our history really is substantially different to what has been presented to us - and may truly hold significant information in regard to our future as the evidence seems to suggest, then why is the real information being withheld from the general public?

It is one of the intentions through this blog to examine many of these subjects and the urgent significance it holds for us all. But be warned, to properly answers to these questions, we have to be prepared to assimilate a vast amount of data and to look outside of the orderly academic framework we have been given of our history.

We must also be prepared for the moment, to objectively look outside of any currently prevailing religious belief system we may embrace and attempt to examine all of the evidence with an open mind before blindly believing any doctrine.

Please understand that it is not my desire to attack any religion or creed, nor do I wish to diminish anyone’s personal religious beliefs, my sole intention is the presentation of facts and an examination of the implications that are presented to us through a rational assimilation of evidence. For those of you who are religious, I ask to remember before dismissing any of this evidence offhandedly that Jesus himself said: “The Truth shall set you Free!”

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