Don't let Religion blind you from the Truth

Don't let Religion blind you from the Truth

If any person reading this blog belongs to a religious organization that rests on a foundation so frail that it cannot be faced by the facts and hard evidences that will be presented during the course of this work then I would suggest that it may be prudent for them to examine their surroundings and consider the sad possibility that their faith may have been misplaced. Especially those poor unfortunates belonging to the new wave of unbelievably misguided radical Islamic groups who somehow mistakenly believe they are doing ‘the will of Allah’ while in fact twisting the words of their own faith beyond recognition and blowing themselves and others up in the unfathomably deranged belief that mass murder leads to paradise and they will be ‘gwine up t’ hebben’ if they kill those who embrace a different belief system. But then most such individuals are usually banned or prevented from reading anything that may interfere with their doctrine anyway.

Radical religious extremism seems to have been in our world since the onset of religion, either from one side or the other. Of course back in the 15th century it was Christian suicide bombers like Guy Fawkes trying to blow up London and not those who embrace Islam, but the same extremist misinterpretation of doctrines was evident even then.

In any serious attempt at discovering the real truths to our past differences of Religious opinion should be set aside and there is no piece of information that should be left out. Not anything. No ruin, artifact, doctrine, myth, legend, fossil, Oopart (Out-of-place artifact) or otherwise, should be considered too small or insignificant to be included in the puzzle and examined for its relevance. For without all the evidence, discovering any real answers to our past without contradictions would not be possible and be no more than another fanciful theory.

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