All Conspiracy Theorists are not Lunatics

All Conspiracy Theorists are not Lunatics

I’m well aware that whenever anyone mentions the word conspiracy these days, especially when referring to the science or archeological community, they are walking on very thin ice and toying with their own credibility. The modern world tends to be very skeptical aboutconspiracies unless we’re talking about Al Qaeda, or perhaps some other terrorist splinter cell either real or invented, and the scientific community considers itself to be reasonably impregnable behind the walls of Academia it has created for itself and they simply hate people who attempt to tunnel in underneath and undermine their Doctorates..

We have been deeply conditioned to immediately associate the word ‘conspiracy’ with the word ‘theory’ yet if one is to analyze the nature of what a conspiracy really is it suddenly becomes easy to see a number of them happening all around us, almost every day.

All a conspiracy actually consists of is two or more people, maybe even a committee, deciding to do something in order to achieve a mutually desirable outcome for themselves – and not really telling anyone else about it. One person just needs to say “Hey if I do this and you do that, then this should happen and we’ll be better off!” and Bang! You have a conspiracy. Just look at insider trading, there’s a nice little conspiracy for you.

A conspiracy can take many forms, some more complex than others. Look at price fixing; and what do you think our World Leaders are doing when they’re meeting behind closed doors? Socializing? Playing darts over a couple of beers and talking about the garden? No of course they’re not. They’re planning moves for the future - ‘negotiating’; saying, ‘If you do this, I’ll do that’. Well gee, sounds like - (you’ve got it) a ‘conspiracy.’ Even in tandem if you want get finicky about it because they are doing it all behind closed doors – our Publicly elected ‘Leaders of the Public’ have privately ‘conspired’ to discuss things that concern the public out of public earshot. They’ve ‘conspired to further conspire’ if you like. You know how it goes…

Lets be realistic about it, criminals are charged with conspiracy regularly, in fact two persons with criminal records need only converse with each other to be charged with conspiracy. Yet when someone mentions the word conspiracy in regards to the government or especially the Academia Community there is invariably a huge media storm whipped up around them and they are publicly ridiculed.

So are we then to assume that no one but criminals or terrorists ever plan things together in private in order to achieve an outcome that is mutually favorable for them? I mean in reality, isn’t that what politics is actually all about? That’s why parliaments have closed sessions: to plan things, ‘to conspire’ so they all know what the next move will be, entire economies can either flourish or flounder from the outcome of such meetings, its called politics, if done on a corporate level we call it insider trading and you go to jail. It’s a bit obvious really but in actual fact, in the real world, conspiracies happen virtually all the time.

Blatant double standards constantly flown in full public view while being cunningly denied can always be a fascinating topic but, when used by powerful governments who don’t even bother to disguise them any more, they can also become a little scary too. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like to think the worst of anyone, but looking at it logically and realistically; what, after all, was the
blatant invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq by the ‘Coalition of the willing’ (or was that a coalition of the economically coerced?) if not a conspiracy to deceive the peoples of at least three nations, if not the world.

Of course, when initiating any such mass deception, the best way is to prevent any real conspiracy from being exposed is to create an unending air of ridicule around anyone making the claims purporting to it. This is because if you can make the person look stupid enough in public – whether they are or not, even by dropping snide little comments here and there at the correct moments, then other people won’t want to listen to what the person is saying either – even if its very important and concerns them greatly. You get the ‘Ooh but some people say…’ syndrome; it sort of goes like this:

“Some people say the theory is stupid! …What, you believe it? You’re kidding! But wait… you’re not stupid too are you?” …it’s a tried and true formula.

No-one wants to feel that they might be thought of as stupid or weird, now do they? Politicians and media tend to use this method frequently, while the Fox (Fix) news network seems to have refined it down to an art form. They do it to promote the party line but just always seem to neglect to mention who these ‘Some People’ actually are. Of course, due to cunning media portrayals, to make an actual conspiracy appear virtually non-existent to the public, you just have to put the word ‘theory’ in the same sentence or even just publicly call it a conspiracy claim and the public subconscious will automatically associate it with the word ‘theory’ and view the person making the claim as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ then everyone will start thinking of The “X-Files”, “UFO’s” and the “lunatic fringe” and it will all go away. Planting this type of seed in some ones mind is perfect for eliminating free and independent thought.

As was once pointed out in an enormously witty and typically humorous article by the extraordinarily prolific composer Frank Zappa: Many people, when faced with something that may require serious thought or opinion, or perhaps may require them to think outside of what is the ‘accepted norm’ seem to willingly lower their socio-intellectual profile and undergo this strange kind of, “self-inflicted, home-made, mental nose job” – almost everyday, in order to maintain their status as ‘One of the Guys.’ As he pointed out: Many modern people treat intelligence as some kind of hideous deformity and in order to “cosmeticize” it, they willingly lower their perceived IQ level in order to be able to converse about insignificant drivel with their peers.

Let’s face it, it’s no good to appear too intelligent because no-one wants to ‘hang around’ with someone who is smarter or possibly more informed than they are, now do they, this is simply not ‘fun.’

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